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Tony DiMatteo

Tony DiMatteo joined Cornerstone in 2019.  He has known Tim, the founder, for 14 years.  Tony has decades of experience investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other assets.  He has owned and operated several businesses, including a daycare, a construction company and a consulting firm.  In prior years, Tony had management roles in technology companies ranging from start ups to Fortune 500 firms.  He attended Rutgers University and his studies qualified as a triple major – Business Administration, Computer Science and English.  He hopes to have several of his novels published one day.

Tony has two daughters he is proud of, Nicole who is a nurse, and Nina, who is in hotel management.  Tony and his wife Roxane actively support several causes, including animal rescue, which is near and dear to their hearts.  They currently have three rescue dogs, each with their own unique and inspiring story.

Tony is committed to his clients’ financial well being.  He is passionate about helping clients prepare for the future and navigate through their seasons of life.  He has pinpointed experience helping seniors and widows and widowers manage the stressful challenges they encounter.